I can't run LaunchScreen for iOS in my project appcelerator.

Every time I change the storyboard for a personalized one the images do not appear when running the project

Help Please

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  • Hey Felipe, to better help you with your problem, you need to add more detail describing the situation. – af3ld Mar 25 at 14:55

If you're trying to replace the static image on iOS, you shouldn't, because starting April 1st Apple will reject any app using those.

If you want to use a storyboard launchscreen, you can use the built-in one, or you can create a custom one. By default it uses the DefaultIcon.png and puts that on a solid background color, you can control this by adding this within the <ios> section


If you want to make a custom storyboard, you should follow the guide in the documentation, that is too long and complex to put in a simple answer on stackoverflow

  • thanks for your response. You save my project. Sorry for my english. I'm not fluent – Felipe Mar 26 at 15:15

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