FAQ: In Raku, how to check if a String contains a substring ? Where and how many times ? I would like 3 functions such as:

xxx-bool("az and az and az again", "az");  # True 
xxx-num("az and az and az again", "az");   # 3
xxx-list("az and az and az again", "az");  # (0 7 14) 

PS: Routines index and rindex are pretty cool but only get one match.

Related Links:

  1. To check if it contains, use .contains to get a Bool which is a cool method.
  2. To get indices (alias indexes: both are plural of index) use .indices
  3. To get number, count the indices.
"az and az and az again".contains("az");        # True
"az and az and az again".indices("az").elems;   # 3
"az and az and az again".indices("az");         # (0 7 14)

PS: Routine indices is described just after index and rindex. So read the good doc, and read it well ;-)

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