I'm totally new to the reactive extensions / reactive ui and dynamic data stuff in C#, so I therefore apologise in advance if my question is not that clear...

I'm facing currently a following problem:

I have to views and therefore two Viewmodels. Now, I try to attach the Filter() method within another class while the original connection to an IObservableList SourceList is created in a different class.

Example snippets:

Class 1

// sourList is used to fill the ReadOnlyObservableCollection<T> while receiving data from an event

sourceList.Connect()               // SourceList<T>
          .Bind(out _itemsBinding) // private ReadOnlyObservableCollection<T>

Class 2

    var observableSearchPhrase = this
        .WhenAnyValue(x => x.FilterExpression) // [Reactive] Property of type string
        .Where(x => !string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(x) && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(x))

    sourceList.Connect().Filter(observableSearchPhrase).Subscribe(); //SourceList<T> instance from Class 1

The predicate method

private Func<T, bool> FilterOnId(string id)
    return n => n.Id >= int.Parse(id);

When I run the application, I don't see any invocation of the filter on to my data stream, so the line:

sourceList.Connect().Filter(observableSearchPhrase).Subscribe(); //SourceList<T> instance from Class 1

does nothing. So basically, my approach was to reuse a data stream, but attach a Filter dynamically based on the FilterExpression input.

How can it be fixed? Does my approach even points into the right direction?


I would think you would have to explicitly pipe the values out after the filter.

sourceList .Connect() .Filter(observableSearchPhrase) .Bind(out _itemsBinding) .DisposeMany() .Subscribe();

  • But the _itemsBinding is a private backing field for the public Property of ReadOnlyObservableCollection... – PythonNoob yesterday
  • And wouldn't you just want to bind to the public ReadOnlyObservableCollection from your View? – Rodney Littles 15 hours ago

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