I wrote a django app, but I have a little problem with the file permissions of the uploads files from a web form.

Basically I can upload a .mp3 file but it always keep chmod 600.

The container folder has chmod 775, and the umask is set to 022.

I'm in a shared hosting service.


Try this in your settings.py if you use Python 2:


In Python 3 octal numbers must start with 0o so the line would be:


For more details see the documentation.

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Hope this is useful. The below method can be used. This has 2 other advantages other than resolving permission errors.

  • No issues with file permissions
  • More faster
  • The file is not copied to /tmp/ folder for files which are more than 2.5 MB (saving space as well).

with open(file_name, 'wb+') as temp_file:
    for chunk in up_file.chunks():
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