So while cross-browser testing, I came across a bug on Edge, where trying to access a child state through uirouter using state.go and it seemed there was no response. I added console.log to check the function to make sure it's invoking and it is. The function is working fine in all other browsers. I then tested it in IE 11 and it wouldn't even load the app, and left an error saying it was unable to instantiate as it was unable to find module ui.router but all other modules are bundled and injected without issue. I'm very confused. I'm using webpack to bundle my code.




angular.module('ppApp', ['ui.router'])


.state('portfolio', {
    url: '/portfolio',
    templateUrl: 'app/templates/portfolio/portfolio.tpl.htm',
    controller: 'portfolioCtrl',
    controllerAs: '$ctrl'
.state('portfolio.modal', {
    abstract: true,
    views: {
        "modal": {
            templateUrl: "app/templates/patent/modal.html"
.state('portfolio.modal.patent', {
    url: '/:patentId',
    resolve: {
        patent: ['$stateParams', 'patentsRestService, function($stateParams, patentsRestService) {
            return patentsRestService.fetchPatentItem($stateParams.patentId)
                    return patentsRestService.fetchPatentItem($stateParams.patentId);
    views: {
        "": {
                templateUrl: 'app/templates/patent/case-overview.tpl.htm',
                controller: 'caseOverviewCtrl',
                controllerAs: '$ctrl',

            "details@portfolio.modal.patent": {
                templateUrl: 'app/templates/patent/patent-details.tpl.htm',
                controller: 'patentDetailsCtrl',
                controllerAs: '$ctrl'      


Why is IE 11 failing to fund ui router, and Edge is failing to load child states when all other browsers are working just fine?

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