I have a simple PHP upload-script, where single documents up to 20mb can be uploaded using PHP on UwAmp (on a Windows PC). The upload directory is a subfolder called "files" within the UwAmp "www" directory.

The "files" directory is shared so users on the same network can also access the file. (This is a requirement). The uploading part works and the file are visible and accessible on the host/server pc. However on network pc's, the file is visible, but cannot be opened, renamed, copied etc...

The only way I can get it to work is if adding "full control" permissions for "Everyone". This is missing after the upload and without this, the uploaded files are not accessible on the network.

What has to be done so once uploaded and saved to the "files" directory, other users on the network can also open the files ?

Windows file permissions for uploaded file.

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