I am publishing a group of messages to a topic, using the property JMSXGroupID and JMSXGroupSeq for each of the messages. For the last message, a property called JMS_IBM_Last_Msg_In_Group is also set to true for the consumer to identify the end of the group.

These messages are being routed from the topic to a queue using the SUB() defined on the topic. But when the messages reach the destination queue, the JMS_IBM_Last_Msg_In_Group header is being dropped.

The IBM documentation says:- This property is ignored for publish/subscribe messaging.

Is there some alternative way to let the consumer know which is the last message in the group?

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  • Could you set the last messages seqnum to some high value that you will not hit in the normal message sequences, ex: 9999, or possible had some other custom named property to indicate it is the message in group, ex: My_Prop_Last_Msg_In_Group. – JoshMc Mar 26 at 19:10

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