I am trying to validate files in Phalcon Forms as follows:

$facilityimage = new File('facilityimage');

    new FileValidator([
        'maxSize' => '0.5M',
        'messageSize' => 'Your image is too big. Max file size: 500KB',
        'allowedTypes' => array('image/jpeg', 'image/png'),
        'messageType' => 'Your image must be a JPEG or PNG file',
        'equalResolution' => '130x80',
        'messageEqualResolution'    => 'Image resolution should be 130px by 80px.',
        'allowEmpty' => (!empty($options['edit']) ? true : false)


Then in my controller:

if (!$form->isValid(array_merge($this->request->getPost(), $_FILES))) {
    foreach ($form->getMessages() as $message)
        $this->flash->error((string) $message);

The code works in create action where no entity is associated with the form. However, when in edit action an entity is associated and then if resolution validation fails, the element break because of the new value of uploaded file which should not be associated to the form yet.

Any lead to the solution will be appreciated.

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