I am using a JMS template to publish a message to a topic. The message is being routed from the topic to a queue using a SUB() defined on the topic.

I want the RFH2 headers not to be received by the consumer from the destination queue. For the same, I have set the PSPROP(NONE) on the topic definition. But still, the RFH2 headers are being received by the consumer from the queue.

Is there some way where I can remove only the RFH2 headers, but still publish the other text or int properties along with the message from the JMS Producer?

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What does the receiving application have set for the MQGMO options?

If they set the options to MQGMO_PROPERTIES_IN_HANDLE, then MQ will return the message payload only and the message properties (aka named properties) are accessed via the get***Properties() methods.


MQGetMessageOptions gmo = new MQGetMessageOptions();
MQMessage receiveMsg = new MQMessage();
queue.get(receiveMsg, gmo);

PSPROP(NONE) is not an attribute of a TOPIC object.

As a MQ admin you can set the PSPROP(NONE) on the SUB or on the QUEUE that is the DEST of the SUB to prevent the RFH2 header from being presented to the getting application.

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