I created an application where i have an select. I want to use this Select many times but i can't set it properly to be universal for every situation.

link to my code: https://codesandbox.io/s/hide-already-selected-ant-design-demo-2h7po

Now, how you can see, i used it 3 times in my First component, but if i select data in one select and after that in second, the second select overrides previous, and so on. I want to save data for every select, and to have the possibility to use the state from each select. How to do this?

  • sandbox shared isn't working...could you please check? – Sankhavaram Saitulasiram Mar 26 at 15:39
  • UniversalSelect.js in sand box is empty and Sandbox is not working. Can you please update it ? – user2063635 Mar 26 at 16:10

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