Hello friends I'm pretty new to React JS so I want to ask you this:

I have a Parent and Child component. In Child component I have inputs (name,email etc) and in Parent component I have Button to save the input data in database.

My question is: How to validate inputs(i want them to be required) so the button can NOT call saveData function(to save in database) if the inputs are empty.

Here is Parent Component:

class Parent extends Component{
    saveData = (e) => {
      //some code
    render() {
        return (
                <Button color="primary" onClick={this.saveData}>Submit</Button>

And here is Child Component:

class Child extends React.Component {

     onInputChange = (e) => {
        this.props.onInputChange(e.target.name, e.target.value);

    render() {
        return (
                <Input name="email" onChange={this.onInputChange}/>

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  • seems like there's a lot missing here. (1) you're reference a prop onInputChange that isn't being set in the parent component for the child (2) there's no state in the parent or child to track the input values (3) no implementation of any function to represent your onInputChange prop function – m_callens Mar 26 at 14:49
  • yes I just posted that part of the code that I think is important to show you what I want to do, I didn't want to bother you with a lot of code(of course there is a lot of missing things here) – lagertha6 Mar 26 at 14:55

I cant see the implementation of your onInputChange function but looks like its coming from parent component.

So, if you have onInputChange in your parent component then, you can have a disable state that is passed to your Button component and you need to set that disable state when onInputChange is called i.e

onInputChange = (name, value) => {
    if(value === ''){
      this.setState({disable: true});
        name: value;

And pass it to your button i.e.

 <Child />
 <Button color="primary" disabled={disable} onClick={this.saveData}>

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