By means of react I am trying through a click to modify a parameter of a state.

<button onClick={this.switchFase(1)} >Origin</button>

switchFase= (num_proces)=>{
  this.setState({ process: num_proces });

I understand that it is not the correct way to do it, can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you!

  • What exactly are you trying to accomplish here? You want to update a state value when a button is clicked? – DJ2 Mar 26 at 15:03

You should pass a funciton to onClick, instead you are calling this.switchFase(1) immediately and passing its result (undefined) to onClick. Try this:

<button onClick={()=>this.switchFase(1)} >Origin</button>

switchFase= (num_proces)=>{
  this.setState({ process: num_proces });


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    Thank you very much! Yor code works perfectly! – martinoblanco 2 days ago
  • Your welcome :D – mkasp98 2 days ago

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