I'm implementing a function to imitate tail -f behaviour to track the file. In case the program creches I want to be able to resume tracking from the spot I stopped on last time, somewhat like tail -n. I've added a line counter to keep track of the current position in the file.

const fs = require('fs-extra');
const path = require('path');
const debug = require('debug')('TAIL.JS');

module.exports = async (taskDir) => {
  const fName = path.join(taskDir, 'out.log');
  let fNameStat = await fs.stat(fName);
  let lineCount = 0;
  let lastLine = null;

  if (await fs.exists(`${taskDir}/lastLine.txt`)) {
    lastLine = parseInt(await fs.readFile(`${taskDir}/lastLine.txt`), 10);

  fs.watch(fName, () => {
    const fNameStatChanged = fs.statSync(fName);

    fs.open(fName, 'r', (err, fd) => {
      const newDataLength = fNameStatChanged.size - fNameStat.size;
      let startPosition = fNameStat.size;
      const buffer = Buffer.alloc(newDataLength, 'utf-8');

      debug('File Size: ', fNameStat.size);

      // If crashed after reloading set position param. to lastLine
      if (lastLine) startPosition = lastLine;
      fs.read(fd, buffer, 0, newDataLength, startPosition, async (error, bytesRead, newData) => {
        const change = newData.toString();

        if (error) { console.error(error); }
        if (change.includes('\n')) {
          lineCount += 1;
          await fs.writeFile(path.join(taskDir, 'lastLine.txt'), lineCount);
      lastLine = null;
      fNameStat = fs.statSync(fName);

I'm saving the current position to the file, and read from it on reload. Essentially I want to set the position parameter of fs.read() to the contents of file lastLine.txt. The way I have it now, works fine on the first run and prints the changed data, in this case the position changes along with the data. On reload after assigning position from the file, it becomes static and only print a single number from out.log

The desired behaviour is for the function is to start tracking from the last position, print all the missed content to the screen and continue tracking the changes.

For testing I'm running a bash loop which prints the current index and redirecting the output to the out.log

  • I was able to get the function, to follow the output again by adding ` lastLine = null;, but I'm still only able to get the single number from position in in lastLine.txt` not all the missing output. – Yury Stanev Mar 26 at 16:41

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