On my developer console, I can read the different quota for my Youtube API account:

Queries per day                      10.000

Queries per 100 seconds per user    300.000

Queries per 100 seconds           3.000.000

So, first of all, could someone explain to me how to reach 300,000 queries per 100 seconds per user if I also have a quota of 10,000 queries per day? !!! What is the logic that I don't understand here?

Then, it seems that it is not (no longer) possible to request additional quotas ... Am I wrong? Nowhere can I find the form to ask Google for more quota.

Thanks a lot

  • Welcome to SO. This doesn't seem like a fitting question here stackoverflow.com/help/on-topic. I just seems your limit is 10k/day. I see a semantical inconsistency with the numbers as well, although logically corect. If in doubt, ask YouTube. – Jonas Eberle Mar 27 at 8:12

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