I have different subdomains that run on the same Symfony 5 application. On each subdomain I have different routes, but somehow the routes do not match.

I use a custom route loader and I have configured the route as below:

$routes = new RouteCollection();
$routes->add('test', new Route('/test', [
    '_controller' => 'App\Controller\A\TestController::index'
], [],[],'a.domain.tld',[],['GET']));

So this should match a.domain.tld/test and it works.

But it also works on b.domain.tld/test and it shows the following in the profiler:

| Route Name | Path  | Log
| test       | /test | Path almost matches, but Host "b.domain.tld" does not
|            |       | match the requirement ("a.domain.tld")

I have checked the strict_requirements parameter, but I haven't set it so it should default be true. If I set it to true, same result.

How can I fix this?

debug:router shows me this:

$ bin/console debug:router
-------------------------- -------- -------- ------------------- -----------------------------------
Name                       Method   Scheme   Host                Path
-------------------------- -------- -------- ------------------- -----------------------------------
test                       GET      ANY      a.domain.tld        /test
-------------------------- -------- -------- ------------------- -----------------------------------

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