I'm getting current format settings by doing:

 _FormatSettings := TFormatSettings.Create(GetThreadLocale);

My system short date format is dd.MM.yyyy but _FormatSettings.shorDateFormat is dd/MM/yyyy. Should I replace slashes with FormatSettings date separator or I am not aware of something else?

I'm using Windows 10 with latest updates.

My actual short date format is:

Actual locale short date format


No, you should not replace the slashes in TFormatSettings.ShortDateFormat. That could cripple the date formulation.

The '/' character in TFormatSettings.ShortDateFormat is a placeholder for the actual date separator character (TFormatSettings.DateSeparator), that will be inserted during formulation of a date string.


procedure DateTimeToString(var Result: string; const Format: string; DateTime: TDateTime; const AFormatSettings: TFormatSettings);

in System.SysUtils

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  • Should ShortDateFormat have year string from locale too? It gives me yyyy but my locale is set to rrrr. – JustMe Mar 27 at 8:55
  • I'm not sure I get what you are saying. Where exactly and in what context do you see 'rrrr'? Also, what is your actual locale? – Tom Brunberg Mar 27 at 9:02
  • I've update my post with locale short date format. – JustMe Mar 27 at 9:07
  • Sorry, I don't understand the language in your edit. I repeat: In what context do you use 'rrrr'? Delphi's string formatting routines do not recognize the letter 'r' as a valid format character. I see that it might be related to certain data bases. But how is that related to your Delphi code? Please expand your question with a real example. – Tom Brunberg Mar 27 at 9:31
  • 1
    Looks like Windows localized the display of the format string itself. Makes it confusing from a programming perspective but probably better for the user. – Brian Mar 27 at 20:13

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