I passing data into a line series but I cannot dynamically add anything to series.name I just get the string rather that teh variable. I tried using .dataFields.name but this is teh incorrect syntax. Please advise? J

var series = chart.series.push(new am4charts.LineSeries());
series.dataFields.valueY = "value"+ seriesId;
series.dataFields.dateX = "date";
series.name = "BrandNM"+ seriesId;
series.strokeWidth = 2;
  • You can't set it dynamically using a property from your data, if that's what you're attempting to do. You need to set it directly to the desired value. – xorspark Mar 27 at 2:19
  • Thanks. Hmm that is a little limiting. I will have to do an if statement then to pick up the values then :( – Jay W Mar 27 at 9:55

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