I'm reading the docs for the Google Places wrapper, but it only supports Google Nearby Search. This isn't really a huge bottleneck.

My script does a Nearby Search to find the Place_ID's of that area, then proceeds to do a Places Details query to get all of the data from that specific Google Maps business entry.

This Places Details query is where the bottleneck is, and I was hoping I could get some feedback on this script I wrote.

It appears it is NOT multi-threaded, but when I increase 'threadcount' from 1 to 40, my sample script run time drops from 40s to 12s.

I had to do a lot of copy and pastin, and trial and error, to get this functioning. I really appreciate the help here.

  1. Why is this running faster when I increase the threadcount to 40?
  2. How can I speed this up even faster with multithreading?
package main

import (

var threadCount = 40
var wg sync.WaitGroup

var api_key = "api_key"
var top_cities_gps = "./top_cities_gps"
var next_page_token = ""
var business_types = []string{"accounting", "art_gallery"}

var connector = &http.Transport{
    MaxIdleConns:       threadCount,
      if err != nil {

          log.Fatalf("read file line error: %v", err)

      _ = line

            // alright! let's kick this up a notch, and start scraping!!! :D
            // looping all business types

            for i, s := range business_types {

                // now let's hit Google Places API for a NearbySearch!
                searchPlaces("", s, strings.TrimSpace(line))


func main() {

  • You probably want to be setting MaxIdleConnsPerHost, which by default is only 2. – JimB Mar 26 at 18:22
  • You're also not using the go keyword anywhere in this code, so I'm not sure how you expect to increase the concurrency. – JimB Mar 26 at 18:30

threadCount is misnamed. It is only used to set the MaxIdleConns in HTTP transport. According to docs:

 // MaxIdleConns controls the maximum number of idle (keep-alive)
 // connections across all hosts. Zero means no limit.

So when you increase threadCount from 1 to 40, you increased the limit for keep-alive connections. From this usage, it appears that setting threadCount to 0 would give you the best result.

I suggest you get rid of threadCount completely.

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