In my menu, I am having URLs such as : http://localhost/en-us/research which gets rewritten through my RouteConfig as:

 route = routes.MapRoute(
               name: "ResearchSection",
               url: "{culture}/Research",
               defaults: new { action = "Index", controller = "Content", culture = defaultCulture.Name, nodeAlias = "Research" },
               constraints: new { culture = new SiteCultureConstraint(AppConfig.Sitename), nodeAlias = new OptionalRouteConstraint(new RegexRouteConstraint(@"[\w\d_-]*")) }

Then I need to extract some URL infos in order to change the CSS of my menu items. I tried the following to extract the controller:


but it returns "Content" while I would like to get "Research".

How can I obtain the original controller and not the rewritten one?

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