I have a bookmarklet (JavaScript code in a bookmark) that helps me automate a lot of clicks with upon a single trigger. The code consists of a lot of If/Else statements and click functions. However, it also contains some onload events that I can't get to work. The onload code looks like the following:

iframe.onload = function() {
    alert("onload triggered");

The problem is that when I run the JavaScript code (either via console or bookmarklet), the webpage I"m working in opens a new dijit tab (i.e., a new TabContainer), and the iframe.onload function that I created seems to be either deleted or disabled.

I note that when dijit tabs open, it does not refresh the entire webpage, so I expect the JavaScript code to remain active, but that's unfortunately not happening in my case.

Is there a way I can make the JavaScript code persist into these new dijit tabs? Or perhaps a way I can "inject" the code into the header of the webpage (since that's not being refreshed)?

  • How does the webpage look like? Could you please provide a minimal code which can reproduce this issue? It should contain the webpage code and the bookmarklet javascript code. We need more information to reproduce the issue and see how to help. Thanks for your understanding. – Yu Zhou Mar 27 at 2:27

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