We followed the instructions to Convert a Cluster with a Single Shard into a Replica Set but as soon as we restarted the first Secondary (of a total of 3 secondaries + 1 primary) without the --shardsvr option, all database clients (which are connecting already directly to the replSet without problems instead to the mongoS routers) received the following error while querying the database:

Query failed with error code 211 and error message 'Cache Reader No keys found for HMAC that is valid for time: { ts: Timestamp(1585205456, 422) } with id: 6802955028354040016' on server our-db-server.domain.com:27017

Therefore, we have immediately reversed the change. This error makes it impossible for us to convert the single-shard cluster into a standalone replSet. How to proceed? Thanks!

  • The replica set won't function properly if yoy remove the --shardsvr option from only some members. I think you will need to stop all of the members, remove the shardsvr option, and then restart them all. – Joe Mar 26 at 23:28
  • Thanks Joe for the insights. So this would mean that the conversion could not take place without downtime. This should have been mentioned in the mongodb documentation! – Kay Mar 27 at 6:04

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