I have a react application where I am getting list of events and displaying them in a list. I want to have a button when I click on a specific event, it adds the user as an attendee. I had it that I display a button afterwards to show "download invitation link" but the requirement changed to download the file automatically once the user clicks the first registration link.

I am checking resources on the internet and found 2 options, the first is with URL.createObjectURL() but I don't currently have an object, I have a url of the file returned from the request. The second object I found was the browser.downloads.download but I am not sure if this would support internet explorer 11.

I thought about using the link I already have to download the file, and call it from another button, but I don't know if that's possible in React.

How can I solve this?

  • No guarantee you can download without setting the proper headers. I would use PHP's readfile for that. Just make sure your link goes to the .php page. – StackSlave yesterday
  • I am not using PHP.. I am just using a front-end app with React + TypeScript – Dan yesterday
  • Most Servers are PHP ready. You shouldn't have to do anything (except alterations) but save that file and put it into a folder. You should also know that if the file is not one that the Client's Browser recognizes, it should attempt to download automatically. – StackSlave yesterday
  • I know that the server the website is hosted on isn't using PHP.. it's made with asp.net mvc.. but I don't have access to it. I am working on a pure front-end page, that is retrieving data from that asp.net site. I would wanna have a solution purely front-end. – Dan yesterday
  • What is the extension of the file you wish the Client to download? – StackSlave yesterday

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