I have a table that I need to insert data into.

The table Sales has 4 columns

  • CustomerValueType_id (int)
  • Customer_id (int)
  • Value (NVARCHAR)
  • Customer_name (NVARCHAR)

The CustomerValueType_id, Customer_id are foreign keys that are not-unique, CustomerValueType_id matches to a value type, while Customer_id matches to the Customer_name.

I need to add additional customer data into the Valuecolumn but how do I ensure that the data matches to the correct CustomerValueType_id and Customer_id and each customer name has to be repeated in the Customer_name

Sales Table

  • The keys you describe are called foreign keys. They are the primary keys for their respective tables. Also, if you are storing the foreign key of the customer, there is no reason to store the customer_name in the sales table, as that is an attribute of the customer table. You get it when you join the tables together. The sales table should have its own primary key, typically named 'id'. – gview Mar 27 at 3:44
  • Yes that is true, sorry for the confusion. But lets say insert data in to Values column, how would I ensure the Value type matches to the CustomerValueType_id key? – shah Mar 27 at 3:53
  • You need to explain how customervaluetype_id relates to customer. The list of tables, and columns would be a helpful update to your question. – gview Mar 27 at 3:59
  • I added a pic of what the table looks like, thanks – shah Mar 27 at 4:10
  • The CustomerValueType table just stores what kind of info the id pertains to – shah Mar 27 at 4:17

You are trying to do denormalization.

Ideally, in the normalized design, you will just store, parent_ids in the child table. If you want to see parent_name fields, you have to get them based on JOIN conditions.

But, here as you are storing both id, name in the child table, I would suggest you to create composite Foreign key in the child table, so that the combination is always present. Also, make this combination as composite primary key in the parent table.

-- Parent Table PRIMARY KEY
ALTER TABLE dbo.CustomerValueType 
ADD CONSTRAINT PK_CustomerValueType 
PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED (CustomerValueType_id, Value);

--Child Table FOREIGN KEY
ALTER TABLE dbo.Sales 
ADD CONSTRAINT FK_Sales_CustomerValueType 
FOREIGN KEY (CustomerValueType_id,Value) 
REFERENCES  dbo.CustomerValueType(CustomerValueType_id,Value);
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