I am very new to programming and I have a question, I am trying to use Regex method to extract hours, minutes and seconds from a string and putting them into an array, but so far I can do it with only one number:

 int initialDay D = 0;
 string startDay = Console.ReadLine(); //input:  "It started 5 days ago"
 var resultString = Regex.Match(startDay, @"\d+").Value; 
 initialDay = Int32.Parse(resultString);   // initialDay here equals 5.

How do manage to read from a string 06: 11: 33, and transform these hours, minutes and seconds into an array of ints? So the resulting array would be like this:

int[] array = new int[] {n1, n2, n3}; // the n1 would be 6, n2 would be 11 and n3 would be 33

Thank you for your time in advance!

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If the input is in this format (dd:dd:dd), you actually don't need regex in this. You can use String.Split() method. For example:

string test = "23:22:21";
string []res = test.Split(':');

The res array will now contains "23", "22", "21" as its elements. You just then need to convert them into int.

  • Thank you, this is exactly what i needed. Maybe i was getting ahead of myself with Regex. Mar 27, 2020 at 10:41

Unless you are trying to learn regular expressions, there is no reason for you to perform this parsing yourself.

Use TimeSpan.Parse() method for this task.


You could use string.Split() to get an array of elements separated by :. Then you can loop through it, int.Parse the elements and assign them to the integer array.

string[] buffer = startDay.Split(':');
int[] array = new int[buffer.Length];
for (int i = 0; i < buffer.Length; i++)
    array[i] = int.Parse(buffer[i]);

Or you can use Linq's Select() to do the parsing.

int[] array = startDay.Split(':').Select(e => int.Parse(e)).ToArray();

Use Regex.Matches(string input, string pattern) like this:

var results = Regex.Matches(startDay, @"\d+");
var array = (from Match match in results
             select Convert.ToInt32(match.Value))

Instead regular expression, you can use TimeSpan.Parse() Check it https://learn.microsoft.com/pl-pl/dotnet/api/system.timespan.parse?view=netframework-4.8


RegEx way:

var pattern = @"(\d{1,2})\s?\:\s?(\d{1,2})\s?\:\s?(\d{1,2})";
var input = "06 : 11 : 33";
var arr = Regex.Matches(input, pattern)
    .SelectMany(x => x.Groups.Cast<Group>()
    .Select(y => int.Parse(y.Value)))

Console.WriteLine(string.Join("\n", arr));

The output:




If you have date as simple string you can use split method:

string dataString = "06 : 11 : 33";
string[] arrayStr = dataString.Split(':');

Then you can make int list using System.Linq:

List<int> intList = arrayStr.Select(p => Convert.ToInt32(p)).ToList();

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