I'm installing the component pack for HCL Connections. Orient me works, but after deploying the customizer, my mw-proxy pods got stuck at ContainerCreating. They show the following event log error:

MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume "appregistry-mw-proxy-secret-vol" : secrets "appregistry-mw-proxy-secret" not found

I never heared of those secret and looked inside the chart. mw-proxy-cloud-deployment.yaml try to mount those secret:

    - name: nfs
       claimName: customizernfsclaim
    - name: appregistry-mw-proxy-secret-vol
        secretName: appregistry-mw-proxy-secret

The problem is that I could not found any information what this secret is for and how it should be mounted. In the documentation they just require bootstrap, connections-env and infrastructure charts. All of them were installed. I just tried creating some file as secret:

echo Test123 > pwd-test
k create secret generic appregistry-mw-proxy-secret --from-file=pwd-test

After deleting all the pods, they came up running. But I don't know what this secret is for and what the customizer expects. Maybe this break some functionality of the application.

My questions are:

  • What is this secret for?
  • How do I create it correctly? (User, password, certificate, whatever)
  • Is there any documentation about it?

Have you tried to add the parameter env.force_regenerate=true to the bootstrap helmchart ? There's also the createSecret=true in the connections-env helm chart.

  • env.force_regenerate: true was already set, but no createSecret. After setting createSecret: true and re-deploying (helm delete --purge with new deployment), the bootstrap bot throw an error: 403 response when trying to configure redis on an auth enabled server. – Lion Mar 30 '20 at 14:29

If you used this documentation, the order of the helm deployments is wrong. The infrastructure deployment creates the secret "appregistry-mw-proxy-secret". So, first deploy infrastructure and after that mw-proxy and the pods will start.

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