I'm new to Objective-C.

If I wrote this method declaration in .h


and this implementation in .m

    NSLog(@"This is myMethod");

How can I call it in my class' viewDidLoad method?

Thank you.


Simply just use object "self"

[self myMethod];


Assuming that -viewDidLoad is in the same class, use

[self myMethod];

self here is an automatic reference to the current object instance. If you want to call a method on another object stored in a pointer otherObj, it would be

[otherObj myMethod];

Assuming that you're calling myMethod on the same class as what implements viewDidLoad:

- (void)viewDidLoad {
    //...other code
    [self myMethod];
    //...other code

If you are having trouble with basic Objective-C though, I'd strongly suggest to either get a decent book on Objective-C, such as:

…or at least read a good beginners tutorial, such as:

There are quite a few more helpful beginners tutorials by Scott Stevenson here:

[self methodname]; 

will work.

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