I use angular material and I have a form with reactive validation.

I want to reset my form after submitting, my issue is after submitting I see my errors appears in the form.

input example :

  <input matInput name="prenom" formControlName="prenom">
  <mat-error *ngIf="f.prenom.hasError('required') && submitted">
    Ce champ est obligatoire
  <mat-error *ngIf="f.prenom.errors?.maxlength && !f.prenom.hasError('required')">
    le prénom ne peut pas dépasser 20 caractères

I tried to add a submitted variable and this.myForm.markAsUntouched() but dosesn't work

onSubmit() {
  this.submitted = true;
  if (this.myForm.invalid) {
  alert('Form Submitted succesfully!!!\n Check the values in browser console.');
  this.submitted = false;

With the submitted variable I see the message error disappear(the yellow section below) but not the border and red color.

enter image description here

Do you guys have any ideas to solve that ?


I was able to solve this by putting #formDirective="ngForm" in the form tag

<form [formGroup]="myForm" (ngSubmit)="onSubmit()" #formDirective="ngForm">

And declare

@ViewChild('formDirective') private formDirective: NgForm;

You can then put .resetForm()

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