I inserted three documents to mongoDb collection. I want to delete a document from collection.:

It is mongoDB model:

use \Phalcon\Mvc\MongoCollection;

class AutoSnippet extends MongoCollection
  public $name;
  public $snippets = [];

  public function onConstruct()

  public function initialize()

Both of them work successfully.


$snippet = AutoSnippet::findById("5e80a9d2577d257fe9703314");


$snippet = AutoSnippet::findFirst([[
      '_id' => new MongoDB\BSON\ObjectID("5e80a9d2577d257fe9703314")

but delete() method doesn't work:

$snippet->delete(); // returns true

delete() method returns true but document with id "5e80a9d2577d257fe9703314" is still there.


The problem was in the name of the collection. The document was not deleted due to the fact that I named the collection in uppercase. I changed the name of the collection to "auto_snippet" and the removal worked.

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