I want to translate a phalcon-php application to two other languages.

1- Which of the following two approaches is a better practice?

  • Extract and put all terms in controllers (i.e. error messages etc.) and templates into language files? or
  • Have separate sets of templates for each language and then just extract terms in controllers and put them in those separate language files?

2- I find i18n support of phalcon (https://docs.phalcon.io/3.4/en/i18n) a bit difficult to use because it pollutes the code too much.

In my pure-php projects, I would build an associative array called _L (created inside each language's file). I would then use the array inside language file like this:

echo _L["user-account-created"];

Should I use my own method? or i18n support of phalcon is better?

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