In my settings I have:

"editor.fontLigatures": true,
"editor.fontFamily": "Fira Code, Comic Sans MS, Tahoma, Consolas",

and I've tried (according to this) different combinations of apostrophes, spaces and capitalization. No matter what I do, I get Comic Sans to pop (or some plain, weird junk if I only specify Fira Code with no secondary font.

I verified that I've installed all the fonts from their GitHub and I can see the fonts in the list in my text processor (of course they do look as supposed to when typed with said font too). I also tried sweeten up the process using choco install FiraCode, reported as successful.

The ligatures are turned set to true, as shown above. The latest version of VSC is installed and the system is rebooted to the borders of ridiculity. I have almost no extensions and those few I had, I deactivated.

What else can I do to troubleshoot the issue?

  • I would completely uninstall Fira Code - all versions - there was a v1 and lately a v2 - and then install only v2 (on my machine it doesn't work to have both versions installed).
    – Mark
    Mar 30 '20 at 15:46
  • @Mark You don't say? Didn't hear anything about that at all. How does one uninstalls all versions of FireCode on Windows? And how do I make sure that I'm installing the newer version afterwards? Also, isn't it weird that MS Word can find the font and use it, if it's the old (or both) version that are isntalled on my system? Mar 30 '20 at 19:25
  • Go to your Settings/Font Settings. Search for "Fira Code" - click on the entry. I think you should have no more than 5 font faces listed fro Fira Code (Light ... Retina) and it should say version 2. There is an uninstall button there. If you have anything in addition to Fira Code v2 and 5 font faces I would uninstall them all, reboot Windows and reinstall just v2 - probably another reboot afterwards too.
    – Mark
    Mar 30 '20 at 19:34
  • I'm assuming you saw this: github.com/tonsky/FiraCode/wiki/Installing
    – Mark
    Mar 30 '20 at 19:42
  • I'd suggest manually resetting windows 10 font cache which involves shutting down some windows services and deleting some files (i trust you can google). Also rather than default fira code it may be worth trying some other alternatives, specifically these ones that have ligatures but are also powerline patched for use in the terminal. For fonts with ligatures i'd suggest Cascadia Code (and derivative) or Victor Mono. You can also try Fura Code (not a typo). Mar 30 '20 at 19:57

In my case I downloaded Fira Code v2 without first uninstalling v1. And I don't think it will ever work with both versions installed. So in Windows, go to your Settings/Font Settings and search for Fira Code - there will be an uninstall button there.

After installing v2, (install instructions https://github.com/tonsky/FiraCode/wiki/Installing) the variants you installed like Light, Regular, Medium,BoldandRetina` for example will be listed along with the version number.

Then I would definitely reboot your computer before trying to get Fira Code and font ligatures working in vscode. Also see vscode: update to stylistic sets using font ligatures with Fira Code for some gothchas with ligatures.

Then after changing the font face in vscode I would reload vscode too. These settings work for me:

"editor.fontFamily": "Fira Code",
"editor.fontLigatures":"'zero', 'ss02', 'ss03', 'ss04', 'ss05', 'calt'",

if you want the other stylistic sets that Fira Code offers. The calt on the end was necessary to make most of the rest work for some reason. See the SO question link just above for more on that.


hi use this settings just select fira code font only

"editor.fontFamily": "Fira Code",
"editor.fontLigatures": true,

and download this font https://github.com/tonsky/FiraCode/blob/master/distr/otf/FiraCode-Bold.otf

  • Not sure how it's supposed to work. The hint on list of font faces only containing Fira Code makes no sense, because the one past the located font are ignored. The font from OTF instead of TTF are just different kind of format, not commonly used in VS Code. Do you have a reference to an article stating otherwise or was this just a wild shot in the dark? (Oh, to be clear - I tested your suggestion confirming that it's not resolving the issue at hand.) Mar 30 '20 at 6:25
  • i just shared my settings imgur.com/BHmLtkx & imgur.com/YcheI47 Mar 30 '20 at 6:32
  • Ah, I see. If it would be that easy, it would work based on the link I provided. Regrettably, it's not and the question is, as you might have noticed, what else can I do to troubleshoot not how to activate it, which in this case makes a lot of difference. For some reason, it doesn't work as as usually expected and I'm stuck on what to try other than what I described. Thanks for trying, though. Mar 30 '20 at 6:35
  • It works for me. Just edited the settings.json.
    – Jie
    Jun 20 at 8:49

I was having this same issue and instead of using Fira Code I used fira code and then I restarted VS Code and then I had the expected fonts in the editor.

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