When I try to migrate my Spring Boot application from version 1.4.2.RELEASE to version 2.2.6.RELEASE I found that org.springframework.data.querydsl.QueryDslPredicateExecutor not found

Cannot resolve symbol QueryDslPredicateExecutor

i should add spring-data-commons version 1.12.8.RELEASE


and then i found another probleme
enter image description here GitHub repo: https://github.com/dali05/SpringBootMultipleMavenModules


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Please note that the name of the class over time has been changed, in that one 'D' has changed from its uppercase to a lowercase 'd', ie: QueryDslPredicateExecutor is now QuerydslPredicateExecutor. Probably this caused some headache for you as it did for me too.

Refer to the class in your source code as QuerydslPredicateExecutor and your source code will build again.

  • Thanks @SaWo, that was very useful! I inherited some code and didn't think to check for renames.
    – MiB
    Aug 5, 2021 at 14:45

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