Suppose we have a table account, there is one field acct_type varchar(2)

Insert into account(acct_type) values(888)


| acct_type |
| *         |

I'm expecting it will throw an error when insert statement trigger. Why it's storing * value in table?

  • @SMor: or maybe the table is defined incorrectly. If the application wants to store numbers (integers) in there, maybe the column should be defined as integer rather than varchar – a_horse_with_no_name Mar 31 at 13:25

For varchar datatype a truncated int will be cast as * instead of throwing an error (in this case as the three digits don't fit in a varchar(2)).

This does not happen with nvarchar

There is no way of changing this behaviour, it is preserved for backwards compatibility. If this is a real problem for you you can add a check constraint that the value in the column is not * but I can't imagine any situation where this is really worth doing.

The solution is just not to do that. If you must insert an INT then validate it is in the range -9 to 99 first. Or always use quotes around values destined for a string column rather than relying on implicit conversions.

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  • Thanks Martin!..How can i put a check constraint to prevent integer value in varchar filed...can you please help me to write syntax? – Ankush Mar 31 at 11:54
  • ALTER TABLE account ADD CONSTRAINT CK_NoStar_acct_type CHECK (acct_type <> '*') but you almost certainly don't need to do this. There are a ton of char/varchar columns in the wild with length of 10 or less where this is a theoretical possibility that get on just fine without that. The check constraint will of course also block an explicit insert of * as it has no way of distinguishing between how the * was arrived at – Martin Smith Mar 31 at 11:58
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    Thanks a lot Martin!! now i can properly explain to my developer with syntax and side efects of this – Ankush Mar 31 at 12:02
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    I think the real question is: if they want to store integer values, then why is this a varchar to begin with? – a_horse_with_no_name Mar 31 at 13:23
  • @a_horse_with_no_name If you have a question for the OP put it on the question not an answer. They won't get notified here. I would say there is nothing in the question that indicates that they only ever intend to store integers in this column though "888" is not a valid value for the varchar(2) anyway. All that can be inferred is that they attempted it at least once and got an unexpected result that they would rather have errored than fail silently. – Martin Smith Mar 31 at 21:48

varchar accept string type. you will can insert value between '' symbols. looks likeInsert into account(acct_type) values('888') But it will show error becouse maximum length is 2 . icrease varchar length or your maximum value length must be 2 Insert into account(acct_type) values('88')

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  • Your answer goes in another direction than the question does, Sami indicates getting no error and an inserted value of '*'. The comment that SMor has given is more likely in the direction of the issue. – Mark Mar 31 at 11:56

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