Now I'm in position to start a new project. Until now I always choose the WFA.
Now I want to know what is the creteria of choosing WPF or WFA.
What is the motivation for choose.


The project refers to:

  • Handle incoming mails
  • Crate a suitable invironment for the user (receiver)
  • Following up the process in mails
  • Closing the actions
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    possible duplicate of WPF versus Winforms – Binary Worrier May 23 '11 at 10:45
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    What is the project? Your question in its current form gives potential answerers very little information, not enough to give you a good substantive answer. – slugster May 23 '11 at 10:46
  • @slugster. Yes you have absolute right. That’s why I give those few details. In case are not enough please tell what else you want me to give you. – Lefteris Gkinis May 23 '11 at 11:12
  • @Binary Worrier. Yes you may have right for dublication of the question. But as far as I read the "WPF versus Winforms" I see that it will be much better to start it with WPF. What is you opinion? – Lefteris Gkinis May 23 '11 at 11:21

really, just use wpf, as it's better in all areas.. the only reason i'd go for winforms is you don't have the time to learn wpf..

  • I have the time But most of all I have you:) – Lefteris Gkinis May 23 '11 at 11:23

Do you want to have the application be supported by or easily migrated to upcoming .NET versions? If yes, choose WPF.

  • I see that you're positive to WPF! – Lefteris Gkinis May 23 '11 at 11:24

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