Recently, I was working on a project which was using many gradle groovy plugins and I had introduced a piece of block to, add some static files in sourceSets. Now how do I write the test for the sourceSets block? The block I added in sourceSets is

 project.sourceSets {
            test {
                resources {
                    srcDir project.files("${project.projectDir}/some-folder")

Found a way to write the test this scenario, place your resources in some folder named and tempFile is the resource for test. And the Test for the same: TestPluginSpec.groovy

    TemporaryFolder testProjectDir = new TemporaryFolder()
    File tempFile
    tempFile = testProjectDir.newFile('tempFile')
    buildFile = testProjectDir.newFile('build.gradle')

    buildFile << """
             plugins {
                id 'java'
def "should add test Resources into build/resources/test"(){
        def result = GradleRunner.create().withProjectDir(testProjectDir.root).withPluginClasspath().withArguments('processTestResources').withDebug(true).build()
        result.task(":processTestResources").outcome == TaskOutcome.SUCCESS

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