.hgignore itself is version controlled. I've added some object dirs i want to ignore but i do not want to commit these changes to .hgignore. What do i do?


Add the following to the repo's .hg/hgrc:

ignore = /path/to/repo/.hg/hgignore

and create a new file .hg/hgignore beside it. This new file will be untracked, but work the same as the versioned .hgignore file for this specific working copy. (The /path/to/repo bit is unfortunate but necessary to make it work when invoking hg from within a subdir of the repo.)

Source: Mercurial Tips and Tricks


Ironically enough, you can also just add


To the .hgignore file itself.

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    if the rep is already tracking .hgignore you would need to forget it first – jk. Jun 14 '11 at 7:48

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