This is my first dapper experience. I have read suggestions here but none seem to fix my issue.

Must declare the scalar variable "@tranAmount".

Some suggested if the variable in question is null. but I have checked, its not null.

I am hoping someone could help point out what I am doing wrong.

public void RunEndOfDays()
                IEnumerable<Loan> loans = null;
                var currentMonth = DateTime.Now.Month; //current month
                var currentYear = DateTime.Now.Year;

                using (var conn = new SqlConnection(ConnectionString))

                    loans = conn.Query<Loan>("Select * from Loan");

                    foreach (var loan in loans)
                        //now calculate the interest for this item
                        var interestInPercentage = loan.InterestRate / 100;
                        var interestPerDay = interestInPercentage / 365; //saved
                        var interestAmountPerDay = loan.AmountWrittenOff * interestPerDay;
                        var tranAmount = loan.AmountWrittenOff + interestAmountPerDay;//saved
                        var tranDate = DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.FFF");
                        var loanAccountNo = loan.LoanAccountNo;
                        var originalLoanAmount = loan.OriginalLoanAmount;
                        var narration = loan.WrittenOffReason;

                        var addDailyInterest = @"INSERT INTO DailyInterest(LoanAccountNo,
                                                                        TranDate) VALUES(@loanAccountNo,
                        conn.Execute(addDailyInterest, loans);


            catch (Exception ex)
                Console.WriteLine("Error: " + ex.ToString());




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The property tranAmount does not exist in your Loan class (Which you are passing into the insert query).

conn.Execute(addDailyInterest, loans);

This actually passes the list you just queried back to the insert query, resulting in the exception you are seeing.

You should create a new anonymous object matching the @ params like this:

conn.Execute(addDailyInterest, new { loanAccountNo, tranAmount , interestInPercentage, ...etc });

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