WASI and proxy-wasm seem to have similar goals - defining an ABI to allow interaction of WASM modules with the host environment (i.e. supporting syscalls), with proxy-wasm focussing on modules that are embedded into proxies.

What's the relationship (current or planned) between the two? I've seen this but not sure what was covered.

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proxy-wasm is/was used for the initial development, in order to bootstrap the ecosystem, and to gauge the interest of other vendors in the industry (which was a great success, since others have already created: AssemblyScript SDK, TinyGo SDK, and WebAssembly Hub).

But the idea was always to contribute this ABI to WASI, and we spoke at the WASI meetups on 2019/10/15 and 2020/03/26 about it, so expect the ABI to be incorporated into WASI over the next few weeks/months.

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