I try to add an image to the background of a panel. the image comes from loaded data. i tried the following code, which did not work:

var topPanel = new Ext.Panel({
        style:'style="background-image: url('+this.jsonData.picURL+');'


when I create a list it work great with 'itemTpl'.

I also tried

style:'background-image: url({picURL});'

together with

store: {
            fields: ['firstName','lastName', 'picURL'],
            data: this.jsondData

but then I get the message

[[object Object]] is not a valid argument for 'Function.prototype.apply'.

any thoughts could help! thnx

  • i am now living with a workaround, putting the image in the "html"-property. – headkit May 24 '11 at 8:48

You can append custom style by assigning object to style property of your panel

style: {
            backgroundImage: 'url(resources/branding/mobile.gif)',
            backgroundRepeat: 'no-repeat',
            backgroundPosition: 'center'

and if you want to cover the whole background use:

backgroundSize: 'cover'

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