So I am trying to apply a simple like function for a Qubole query on Presto. For a string datatype I can simply do like '%United States of America%'.

However for the column I am trying to apply this has the underlying datatype as "map" and thus the query is failing. How do I write the like operator for the map datatype so that it fetches only those columns that match the pattern.


Please refer to the documentation about map related functions in Presto at https://trino.io/docs/current/functions/map.html

You should be able to make use of map_filter to filter out the required entries. E.g.:

SELECT map_filter(MAP(ARRAY['India', 'Poland', 'United States of America'], ARRAY[20, 3, 15]), (k, v) -> k like '%United States of America%');

 {United States of America=15} 
(1 row)

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