When I add MetaLink to all send nodes in the following code, the Metalink on #ifTrue: not works:

    10 = 11
        ifTrue: [ ^ 3 ]

code to add MetaLinks:

ast sendNodes do: [ :n | 
            n link: (MetaLink new
                        metaObject: [ :node | 
                            Transcript show: node asString; cr ];
                        arguments: #(node);
                        selector: #value:;
                        control: #before;
                        yourself) ]

Can anyone explain why this happens? How can I add a MetaLink on a #ifTrue: send?

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    Please explain what does not work as you expected. Note also that the compiler optimizes if messages for the sake of performance, so they are not sent but inlined. – Leandro Caniglia Apr 3 '20 at 11:59
  • @LeandroCaniglia I expect my block in Metalink to be executed two times. because there is two send node in the code. How can I disable optimization? – NewMrd Apr 3 '20 at 13:36

Thanks to the comment from @ LeandroCaniglia, this is because of compile optimization.

You can uncheck Inline If in Opal Compiler settings and recompile the method.

After recompile, reinstall your Metalinks and you will see #ifTrue: as a message call.

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