The baseHref param in angular.json is /iofrog/ + there are 7 languages defined in i18n.locales, so the final baseHref in index.html is /iofrog/en for English build.

in css file for app component I have:

background-image: url('~/assets/img/background.jpg'); 

This is translated by Angular 9 CLI to path /iofrog/assets/img/background.jpg, so /en/ is skipped! Is it a bug in Angular CLI?

I also tried:

background-image: url('/assets/img/background.jpg');  // not showing the image
background-image: url('./assets/img/background.jpg'); // compiler error
background-image: url('assets/img/background.jpg');  // not showing the image

I also found --rebaseRootRelativeCssUrls=true|false option but it is depreciated.

The workaround that is working is in TS:

this.backgroundImageURL = `url(${this.baseHref}assets/img/background.jpg)`;

And in HTML template:

[style.background-image]="backgroundImageURL ? backgroundImageURL : ''"

But this is not elegant and the image is loading after the html is rendered.

What is the correct solution in Angular 9?


There were some issues with i18n building angular app and base href.

It should work with that syntax for scss files:

background-image: url('~src/assets/img/background.jpg');

Hope this helps.

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