I am trying to add Select All / Unselect All to React Antd's 'SELECT' component.

My code

const models = ['A4', 'A6', 'A8', 'A1', 'Q3', 'Q5'];
const [selected, setSelected] = useState({
  models: [],

console.log('selected', selected);

const handleModelSelect = (option) => {
  if (option === 'all') {
    if (selected.models.length === models.length) {
      setSelected((prev) => ({ ...prev, models: [] }));
    } else {
      setSelected((prev) => ({ ...prev, models }));
  } else {
    setSelected((prev) => ({ ...prev, models: uniq([...prev.models, option]) }));

    style={{ display: 'inline-block', width: 'calc(33% - 8px)' }}
    <Select mode="multiple" placeholder="Models" value={selected.models} onSelect={handleModelSelect}>
      <Option value="all">Select all</Option>
      {map(models, model => <Option value={model} key={model}>{model}</Option>)}

I see that I do get everything selected & unselected in the "selected.models", however the issue is that the Select component visually does NOT update itself, meaning it stays with things I have selected/unselected.

Really weird behavior.


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The issue was with using Antd's Form & Form.item along with Select. Code works perfectly fine without the Form


Because the models variable is unchanged. You could apply the below two changes:


const models = ['A4', 'A6', 'A8', 'A1', 'Q3', 'Q5'];
const [selected, setSelected] = useState({
  // Initial state


// Get models from `selected`
{map(selected.models, model => <Option value={model} key={model}>{model}</Option>)}
  • No, that doesn't (and didn't) work, the problem is not about the state not changing, problem is with AntDesign ignoring the the value prop, which should map to state, that is perfectly fine
    – Alex
    Apr 5, 2020 at 12:41
  • Also I don't want to start with everything selected, quite the opposite I want to start with everything unselected, hence the empty array
    – Alex
    Apr 5, 2020 at 12:42

Alex answer is correct. For anyone who need Form.item as parent for Select - it is possible with custom form components. Just create your custom component that render antd Select. And paste your component as only child to Form.item (without any nested elements or wrappers)

    <MySelect />

Your custom component will automatically receive value and onChange as props. And you can also pass in additional your own props to your custom component. For example field name or data - an array of options for select.

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