In my project, I have an /src folder that contains .ts files and I setup tsconfig.json to compile those in a folder called /dist into .js and source map .js.map.

Now I run the code using the commande node /dist/whatever.js But Let's say there in a error. The error logs maps to the compiled .js files. enter image description here How to make it map to the original .ts file ? I assume this is possible because that's the use of source map.



Happened to see this question. I didn't really use IntelliJ, but I have been using source-map-support to do the trick. You could either programmtically add import 'source-map-support/register';, or invoke node CLI node -r source-map-support/register compiled.js. Hope that helps.

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I see you are using IntelliJ. You can exclude directories so they will not be indexed.

enter image description here

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  • How is this mapping the errors trace to the Typescript file ? – TSR Apr 4 at 14:02

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