I got the following error when I ran my project on the browser:

Failed to compile:

Attempted import error: 'createSvgIcon' is not exported from '@material-ui/core/utils'.

I'm trying to implement the Autocomplete component (from the example in the "Multiple values" section).

Here is the code I'm using:

import React from 'react';
import Chip from '@material-ui/core/Chip';
import Autocomplete from '@material-ui/lab/Autocomplete';
import TextField from '@material-ui/core/TextField';

        getOptionLabel={(option) => option.title}
        renderInput={(params) => (
            label="Multiple values"

I tried to install SVG Icons by NPM:

npm install @material-ui/icons

And then importing them to my TypeScript:

import createSvgIcon from '@material-ui/icons/utils/createSvgIcon';

But I still have the error above. How can I resolve this issue?


Can you try to update @material-ui/core by running

npm update
  • I updated the npm and I got @material-ui/core@4.9.9 version and now I don't have the error. How did you know that was the problem? Apr 5 '20 at 3:47
  • i have updated to @material-ui/core@4.9.9 and still getting the error plz help Apr 10 '20 at 19:31

As described in the Material-UI project CHANGELOG of the latest version (which is v4.9.9 the time I'm writing this answer), there is a change related to createSvgIcon

enter image description here

The complete conversation of team can be found here.

When I encountered the problem?

When running a React project and I wanted to use the Autocomplete component from @material-ui/lab.

How I solved it?

I upgraded @material-ui/core package to v4.9.9 using this command:

yarn upgrade @material-ui/core --latest


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