I cannot seem to change my account to push to heroku. When I do "$git push heroku master" it tells me that [email protected] does not have access. However, "$heroku whoami" shows [email protected]. No matter what I try, it shows that I am logged in with [email protected] but tries to push to heroku with [email protected].

I have tried "$heroku login". It changes my account but does not let me push to heroku with that account.

I have tried https://github.com/heroku/heroku-accounts with "$heroku accounts:set accountB" and it does the same thing. Changes the whoami, but does not let me push with that account.

Is there any solution to this?

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I figured out a solution to this, that honestly is not ideal, but it works. I went to the Heroku website and logged in with accountB. Then I just gave permission to [email protected].

login > my_app > Access > "Add collaborator"

It's not ideal and not how I would like to do it, but it works and I got sick of trying to solve it and was just glad for any solution.

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