Any good tutorials on finding root cause of memory leaks?

I've already got the basics of how to run the leaks aspect of Instruments, and I've read the doco, however I've got leaks with the NSDate object and it seems Instruments points at where the leaky object originally came from, so the actual memory leak could be somewhere else in the chain of events in terms of how the object was used.

Would be keen to know of any good fault finding techniques for the non-obvious memory leaks like this?


See this link and this tutorial would also be helpful.

All the best.

  • thanks - unfortunately I already had this level of knowledge - instruments seems to "take you directly to the line of code that creates the object that was leaked" - the issue I have is some skills for leaks in objects (e.g. NSDate) that are highly used, and tracking these down...it seems like it's up to you on your own to track things down here...hopefully this makes sense? – Greg May 24 '11 at 6:25

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