I have the following (pseudo)code:

IObservable<IChangeSet<MyEntityViewModel>> changeSet = source.Connect();

ObservableCollection<FilterViewModelBase> filtersViewModels = // collection of FilterViewModelBase concrete implementations e.g. NumericRangeFilter or TextFilter etc.

List<IObservable<Func<MyEntityViewModel,bool>>> observableFilters = new List<IObservable<Func<MyEntityViewModel, bool>>>();

foreach (FilterViewModelBase filter in filtersViewModels)
    if (filter is NumericRangeFilterViewModel numericFilter)
        var observableFilter = numericFilter.WhenAny(x => x.Min, x => x.Max).Select(........ // create numeric filter
        observableFilters.Add(observableFilter); // add numeric filter to observable list
    else if (filter is TextFilterViewModel textFilter)
        var observableFilter = textFilter.WhenAny(x => x.Text).Select(.... // create text filter
        observableFilters.Add(observableFilter); // add text filter to observable list

    .Filter(????) // cannot pass `observableFilters` list here
    .Bind(out _filteredEntities)

I don't know how to filter out my changeSet using all the filters from observableFilters at once. Is it possible?

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