I have a SP 2010 Publishing Site (14.0.4762.1000). It has a contenttype containing a Publishing Hyperlink (SPFieldLink). Inserting a link with the Link Tools (part of the ribbon) works fine, but I can't delete the link once I set it.

For quick reproduction:

  • Create a Publishing Portal site
  • Create a column of type Publishing Hyperlink
  • Add the column to de Welcome Page contenttype
  • Navigate to the Press Releases page
  • View information -> Edit
  • Add a link to the newly created column and save the page
  • Open it again, remove the link (the link is visually removed, it even says: Click here to add a new Hyperlink)
  • Save the page again
  • Now open the page again.
  • In our situation, the message 'Click here...' is gone, and if you view the source our original link is still there, but there is no text inside it.

I did some testing on it and these are the results:

  • It occurs on dev and prod server with a custom solution installed
  • It occurs on a server with no custom solution installed (clean install)
  • It also occurs on the 'Adventure Works' site (both on a clean install and on a server with custom solution)
  • It occurs both when creating a sitecolumn of type Publishing Hyperlink through API and UI
  • When viewed with firebug the 'deleted' link is still in the href property, but the text property is empty
  • Tested on IE/FF
  • When viewing with Sharepoint Manager 2010, the link is still in de DB (with no text property as stated above)
  • It happens on Dutch and English sites

Anyone familiar with this behaviour? Is there a solution for this problem?

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I currently have exactly the same issue in a publishing site. I'm looking into it. Let you know if I find anything.

Found your topic on social MSDN. Apperently this is a bug in SP2010.


Currently there is a powershell fix (not really an option for me)


Hope this helps.

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