I'm trying to create a Jenkins pipeline using Blue Ocean but when I try to connect to my GitHub using the GitHub generated access token, nothing happens. However, when I check the console, I get this error message. Someone please help me out.

Here is an image of the console

blueocean.js:58216 Unhandled Rejection: "Error: fetch failed: 500 for\n at FetchFunctions.checkStatus (" lo
gUnhandledPromiseRejection @ blueocean.js:58216

At the network tab, the response is:

  "message" : "No 'injectableValues' configured, cannot inject value with id [org.kohsuke.github.GitHubResponse$ResponseInfo]\
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    I have the same problem with a Jenkins instance I installed today. The error coming back from the web service call is.No 'injectablevalues' configured – Travis Smith Apr 7 at 19:55
  • Yeah I can see the same error from the network tab – Hesbon Apr 8 at 4:42
  • Have you managed to fix it? – Hesbon Apr 8 at 4:42
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    There's an issue on JIRA. Someone got it working by downgrading Github API, but I haven't tried it myself: issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/… – Travis Smith Apr 8 at 17:43

It seems the issue was with the version of blue ocean I had installed. I downgraded to 1.106. You can do the following to sort the issue.

Grab the 1.106. version of the plugin from Here

Then go to manage plugins > Advance > Upload Plugin and upload the 1.106 plugins and install it. All dependencies and indirect dependencies will also be satisfied with this version.

For more information check here

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Downgrading GitHub API to 1.106 worked for me.

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