Issue in short

In Python version of Tensorflow there is a tf.random.categorical() method that draws samples from a categorical distribution. But I can't find a similar method in TensorFlow.js API. So, what is the proper way to draw samples from a categorical distribution in TensorFlow.js?

Issue in details

In Text generation with an RNN tutorial the tf.random.categorical() method is being used in generate_text() function to decide what character should be passed next to the RNN input to generate a sequence.

predicted_id = tf.random.categorical(predictions, num_samples=1)[-1,0].numpy()

I'm experimenting with TensorFlow.js and trying trying to generate a "random" Shakespeare-like writing but in the browser. All parts of the tutorial seems to work well together except the step with using a tf.random.categorical() method.

I guess writing the alternative to tf.random.categorical() function manually should not be that hard, and also there are couple of 3rd-party JavaScript libraries that implement this functionality already, but it looks pretty logical to have it as a part of TensorFlow.js API.


I think you can use tf.multinomial instead.

I peeked at the source code and with name and seed parameters set to None, it is essentially the same as tf.multinomial with some random seeding going on, I guess.

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